Actors Workshops!

Announcing our new Teen and Adult Actor’s Workshops!


Gloucestershire Drama Academy

Gloucestershire Drama Academy has a 100% success rate and is different.
We tailor our tuition to suit the individual needs of our students, working with each to define and then achieve their aims.


Fun Club!

GDA has been asked over the years to create classes for our younger friends.
We have started to do this but now feel it is a good time to bring out the “Fun Club” to help kids with any confidence issues or help them project themselves with their peers…
Or maybe we just want F U N ?

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School is OUT!

For those of you searching for an alternative in life skills and new ways to take part in social activities and confidence building come to us. We offer a new and practical approach to helping educate your child.

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We work “with” rather than “at”

Many parents are now removing their children from Primary & Secondary schools not content with the education system of this country and searching for alternatives.


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Our Services:

Actors Workshops!

Included in your monthly fee is a bi-monthly workshop. Allowing you to explore larger group work. Our workshop explores more areas in acting and performance. 2nd & last Saturdays of each month 4:30 - 6:30.  ...

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Web Classes

For those of you who are unable to attend classes at any of our studios in for whatever reason, be it inability to travel or the distance is too great; we now offer Web Classes. With the use of Skype our classes can reach far and wide and, providing we’re all awake,...

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Actor Monologue Footage

We don't push for taking exams but we do believe to have a personal goal is important. Depending on the level you are aiming for, your exam is performance based on two (or three for higher grades) nodies of text from film, TV or a play of approximately 2 - 6 minutes...

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Public Speaking

In life we're all actors. From the very moment we are born we're working to gain practical influence with our piers. At some stage in life we are asked to do something that means putting our personality where our mouth is. Weddings, business presentations and any sort...

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Profesional Acting

Your needs are met. At GDA we enhance techniques that professionals are wishing to explore, to encourage and decipher new character portrayal across the spectrum of performance be it on stage, in television or film. Our confidential and unique service will help even...

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Schools & Colleges

With the ever growing need for exemplary tutoring in the broad range of theatre and entertainment, we offer a range of different approaches in understanding and getting to grips with the evolving industry. As well as lecturing on the different aspects of entertainment...

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Latest Monologues

Students performing monologues samples from exams this year:

Go to Video Footage for more information.

Latest News:

Actress Fenella Fielding becomes patron. are extremely privileged to have actress Fenella Fielding became patron for the academy this month. With an extensive career in stage and on screen, she had also had an...

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Practitioner Workshop

PRACTITIONER WORKSHOP Covering aspects of methodology and technique on 3 of the main practitioners: Stanislavsky Brecht Grotowski By popular demand we will be having the lovely Lisa Lynn back for two days in November. 18th & 19th November 2 P.M. - 5 P.M. This is a...

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K Lock

Kayden "K" Lock has been with us more than 18 months, has been working hard to gain a position in casting in TV and film as well as stage productions. So far he has been in several TV productions. We thought we'd add a photo from one of his favorites "Dr Who" that was...

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