About The Academy

What is Gloucestershire Drama Academy?.

A Gloucestershire-based Drama school with a difference: We tailor our tuition to suit the individual needs, working with each actor to define and then achieve their aims.

Who is it for?

The Gloucestershire Academy is open to anyone from the age of 6 wishing to gain more confidence and/or skills in performance, whether in everyday life, business or in theatrical entertainment.

What can I learn there?

We offer tuition in drama, singing as well as dance. Students choose their own path, learning the skills they want to according to their aims, there is no set curricular.

Within the actors studio, classes move through different areas of skill. For instance in drama tuition, the initial month the actor will be assessed to analyse the exact training required, then a program of work will be planned for them on that basis.

Some actors require voice coaching like diction and projection, some benefit from learning the historical influences of acting and the role this plays today in contemporary works. Some of our training includes improvisational techniques and method training.

Our bespoke methods can be very simple but effective. Aimed at discovering inner talents, we bring out the best in our actors so they can achieve their goals, explore confidence issues and work on ideas that might surprise along the way.

Where are we?

Top Floor, The Old Convent, Beeches Green, Stroud. Gloucestershire. GL5 4AD

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When does it happen?

The academy runs throughout the year.

Classes are 30/45/60 minutes depending on ability and can move from one to one (actor / trainer) or group sessions (up to a maximum of four). The fees remain the same.

How much does it cost?

Ages 10+ £125 per month for a weekly 45 minutes class with 0 Р1 other actors (1 hour with 3 Р4)

4 actors maximum in any class.

Fees also include 1.5 hour workshop twice monthly (usually second and last Saturday).

Who are the trainers/guides?

We have a hub of trainers trained in various areas, such as:

Primary School Drama Jane Kennaway

Fun Club & Primary Classes, Dance – Hatty Davis

Teenage Classes – Brett Griffiths

Adult Drama Classes – Chas Burns, Paul Southcott, Laura Morgan

Vocal Coaching provided by Anisa Sutch.

Between them they teach a variety of skills. To read more about our tutors click here.

We also can help put you in touch with instrumental teachers that we know to be excellent in offering the kind of support you are looking for.

Get in touch and let’s explore the opportunities together!